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lost again

Sometimes, no matter how intelligent an artist is, he or she has to push from another level entirely to really connect with the listener. Some might say it's writing from the heart, or maybe just letting the muse do her thing and letting the music come naturally. The bottom line is communication. When Kerry Rutherford and her impressive recording crew assembled to put together Lost Again, the pieces definitely fell into place, allowing the singer/songwriter to explore positives, negatives and emotional gray areas alike with instrumental firepower to back up her unwaveringly honest, searching lyrics.
    ~Excerpted from Whatzup review by DM Jones, November 15, 2007

Kerry Rutherford's intelligent songwriting shines in this collection of songs rich with guitar work and ably accentuated with the viola, harmonica and percussion of the five-member Kerry Rutherford Band. She mentions Jefferson Airplane and Quicksilver Messenger Service as early influences, which can be heard in everything from the vocals to the way the songs are built.
    ~Fort Wayne Magazine, December 2007, p. 26

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Singer-songwriter Kerry Rutherford's music is all original with an eclectic sound hard to categorize. She brings together a talented group of musicians to present this collection of straight ahead rock and roll, hooky pop, psychedelic jams, soul-searching folk and techno protest songs. You will hear not only acoustic and electric guitar, bass and drums, but viola, harmonica, recorder, concertina and even a crystal singing bowl.

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